BIG NEWS- Gen Galal assassination case is now under Farmajo

Evidence of the perpetrators of General Mohamed Nour Galal assassination and how was killed, is now in front of president Famaajo according to the government officials. Last week an attack by Al Shabaab militants on Afrik Hotel in Mogadishu resulted in loss of life and property.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of mourners, killing number of people, and wounding several others. In the attack well known officers were killed, including General Mohamed Nur Galal, who’ history amoung the 77-war and one of the first ever Somali Milltary men.

The killing sparked controversy, with Somali government officials saying the general did not die by the Shabab gun and expolution, but was plotted. Hon Mahad Salad, and Hon Mustaf Dhuhulow in the parliament, and General Yusuf Indhacade are among the officials who believe that General Galaal was killed by Somali government forces and demanded an independent investigation.

Sources say that the NISA Monitoring Commander, Abdullahi Dahir Abdulla, has filed a case with President Farmajo alleging that General Galal was killed by government forces, while fighting with the militants at hotel. Farmajo is said to have lost his temper, pointing out that it is impossible and exaggerated by the opposition.

The Commander-in-Chief informed the President that the information was provided by the CIA and that there was enough evidence to support the killing. Local news reports that President Farmajo admitted image classified during shooting which shows soldiers shooting, as performing security authorities.

Farmajo is said to be shocked and surprised by the video given by Abdullahi Dhere. Farmajo’s Black File (Abdalla) is a CIA colonel in the United States and is the most powerful link between the Somali president and the CIA. The officer is believed to have kept secrets from the president and has been repeatedly accused of assassinations and indiscriminate bombings of civilians.