Dozens of children and other civilians killed in Sakow air strike on wednesday night.

Reports from Sakow district in middle Jubba, Somalia indicate that there are significant reports of heavy shelling on children and other civilians. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a children’s home in Sakow district.

Out of the above 80 children were killed, while declare that there was still a number of serious offenses. Many children spoke out when the announcement was made after it was important as an emergency, according to one resident.

Security sources say Colonel Abdullah Dahir Abdullah (Ugas Abdalla) is responsible for the planned insult and the whole air strike. The site of the bombing was said to be caring for orphans between the ages of 5 and 12 and also part of a food service for the elderly people in the town.

Witnesses in the area, says the local Hospital is now full of the injured ones, they’ll also feel luck of medicine, added Somali security officials, stated that Co. Abdalla ordered the airstrikes, saying he always carried out operations to expose civilians.

Col. Abdallah, the surveillance chief of NISA, argues that the bombed civilians will make it easier for them to rise up and fight Al-Shabaab, according to the source. Abdalla told president Farmajo that last night most of the Al-Shabaab members were killed, and published in some media,

The officer, nicknamed “Farmajo’s Black File”, is accused of human rights abuses and abuse of power. Local reports say that the cases is given to securtiy Council of the United Nations to investigate and bring to trial to investigate Abdalla’ deeda against civilians, while fighting with the terrorist group Alshabab.