The Hiden Coalition of the War against Somali Candidates’ Union, Some is said to be Killed!

The violence comes after weeks of tensions over delayed elections in the Horn of Africa nation, while Somali intelligence sources gave out, sensitive information about the attacks agains the candidates’ union and the officials behind the attacks.

The plot was masterminded by Somalia’s top intelligence officials, Col.Abdullahi Dahir Abdullahi Dheere, also known as Ugas Abdalla and his team mate Fahad Yassin Haji Dahir who is NISA Cheif.

Since the announcement of Peaceful protests by the candidates , there have been incessant meetings between the two officials to discuss how to deal with the protests. Abdalla and Fahad showed president Farmaajo a prepared plan on how to prevent protests and Intimidating the candidates.

The plan was to use military force to stop the protests and also arresting two of the candidates’ union, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden and Abdirahman Abdishakur, according to the report. The reason to arrest the two candidates is said,Sharif Hassan and Abdirahman Abdishakur have been accused of being the mastermind behind inciting the public to create a situation and waging a personal war of revenge.

In the second reason, they did not have the military capability to defend in Mogadishu or their respective administrations Galmudug and South West so they would not be harmed. According to reports, it has been agreed that the plan of action has been completed and the required number of troops has been achieved,

Col Abdalla suggested that at least 6,000 troops be needed, but 4,500 troops were available, mostly from the Turkish-trained Gorgor. On the 17th of this month, 1,000 troops were deployed from Gedo region to take part in the planned operation in Mogadishu and the remaining 500 were trained by the US Defense Forces as promised by the Monitoring Officer Abdalla, but only able to operate for a few hours.

The surveillance commander ordered the civil protection boys in NISA, to shoot in several directions as appears to be a confrontation, which resulted in artillery shelling in various parts of Mogadishu resulting in property damage. The plan appears to have partially done, but failed to capture the two candidates.

Officials in the operation argued that the candidates’ original plan was for Sharif Hassan and CCW to stay at Hotel Maida but Abdirahman Abdishakur was not there, and two locations became difficult to attack.

Ugas Abdalla and Fahad Yasin runs for intelligence in other countries. Fahad Yassin is understood to be a member of Qatar’s intelligence service, while Abdalla is believed to work with Qatar and US intelligence and is known as the Secret Alliance.